Sketchbook Day 4: UJ

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Story:
Well I don't really know the story behind these photos, Urijah's mama took them and sent them on over to us. So I created my own story for these photos. I imagine that they'd just come from the park, that Urijah had a blast being outside and enjoying the sun. So much so he was plain pooped out. He obligingly let mama take a few snaps but enough was enough. He was ready to head on home.

He looks so calm and contemplative. As if he was pleased with how his day turned out. I love his bright healthy brown eyes. The sun did him well!

The Page:
Sketchbook Day 4 and fourth straight day of creating. Now I'm the one who's pooped! I love this class and I really am so inspired but I'm wondering if my mojo is running thin. Thus we come to today's page. Not gonna lie, it isn't my favorite. I wanted to try out centering elements. I love this look when it's pulled off well, but I don't think mine is quite there yet.

I used tons of Sassafras, all the patterned paper strips, stickers, felt embellishments and brads are from their monster line. I like that it added some color to the otherwise neutral photos. However, can't quite put my finger on it, just feel like something's off.

Maybe if I sleep on it, it'll look better in the morning. It also probably doesn't help that I'm not in my usual scrapping space and am working with a very limited amount of supplies. I'm missing my schtuff!

Despite my lack of mojo, I'm loving being part of the Studio Calico community! Popped into a bit of today's live chat. So fun! Can't wait to see what goodness will arrive in my inbox tomorrow!


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