Sketchbook Day 5: First Car Ride

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Story:
John snapped these photos of Urijah in his car seat, before their ride home from the hospital. I was pretty impressed with his iPhone's capabilities. And with the fact that this little boy, at 2 days old was already awake and aware! I have next to no photos of him sleeping like a peaceful newborn. That's not to say that he was fussy. He was actually a peacefully awake newborn.

The Page:
KP's Day 5 prompt was the basis for this page and circles were a very big element. I was also very influenced by Urijah's little yellow baby skull cap ;) and somehow managed to successfully incorporate crochet flowers into a page about a little boy! High five for that one! It's fairly simple and straight forward and all around cutesy. Just couldn't resist!


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