Sketchbook Day 6: Energy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Story:
My journaling says it best. Urijah is a "crawling, walking, dancing, jumping, talking, laughing, clapping ball of [then] 11 month old energy". It's hard to keep up with this lil guy. He completely wore out both of his grandparents and his papa on this afternoon. All he wanted to do was walk and walk and walk... Good thing we have a big backyard! He was happy to explore everything and exceptionally curious to find out what was in the birdbath. (He checked twice.) He was following Maddie around and even trying to bite her. (Something he does when he's excited.) He's like the energizer bunny! He just keeps going and going and going. Alas, the old people did not and after taking him a bath (clever tactic to get him to take a nap), he fell asleep in his papa's arms.

The Page:
I finally got some mojo back! Thanks KP for timing this sketch perfectly :) I loved my layouts from days 1-3, felt so so about days 4 & 5, and am happily back on track with day 6! I wanted to mix a few patterned papers in and these three came together fairly quickly. Loved that the Ed Hardy-esque paper coordinated with the color of the fence and Urijah's adorable mini hoodie. Had to throw in some camo to boy it up and added that navy dotted swiss for some texture.

Then the energy happened. No idea why, but I knew I wanted to add some hits of orange to give it some extra oomph! I was concerned that the orange on the navy would make my eyes cross but I rather like it now, especially with the white pen shadows. The top felt unbalanced at that point so I turned to one of my trusty border punches and a few left over die cuts. Oh, and I'm loving my white gel pen! Never realized how well it writes. Somehow I'd imagined that it would be too opaque!



  1. I love the colors!! Fabulous choice!

  2. Such a cute layout.
    If we could just bottle some of their energy.