Sketchbook Day 2: Baby Chucky

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Story:
At the beginning of February, I got to play with Urijah at Chucky Cheese. I hadn't seen him in a few months and he looked even cuter to my nephew starved eyes, in his baby jeans and backwards cap! That cap made his cheeks look even bigger! I only took a few photos because I was too busy playing with my favorite little man. He's so active and all over the place. Oh the joys of little boys!

Oh, and why "Chucky" you might ask? Well my brother's nickname has been Chucky ever since he was a baby, even though his name is John. I think my dad just started calling him Chucky Ducky one day and it stuck. It's been a nice way to distinguish the two (our papa's name is John as well). Since Urijah is Johnny's mini-me, he's now Baby Johnny, Baby Chucky, and Baby Ducky to me!

The Page:
I loved that the photos had some strong primary colors and knew I had my color palette. By chance, I stumbled upon that gorgeous plaid ribbon at Scrapbook 911, my favorite LSS. It made the whole page! Kelly's Day 2 prompt was equally as inspiring as yesterday and thus, this only took me about an hour to complete. I matted my photos with black cardstock, for a change and I think it made the letter stickers really pop!


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  1. These colors are fabulous! I love how you used the fabric and the pictures are precious!