Man Cards

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We all love the men in our life, and although they may not "get" what all of this scrapping and stamping and cardmaking is about, I've found that they still do appreciate it. March is a month of birthday's in our family. First my dad's, then my uncle's, then their father and lastly a cousin, all boys. I don't know about you, but I struggle with the fine line that is over the top/just enough when it comes to "masculine" cards. While I could have gone overboard with glitz and glamour, I opted for a few simple and straight forward designs.

I created these three cards using a single sheet of patterned paper, 3 plain kraft cards and a few scrap sheets of cardstock. My, oh so trusty Slice did most of the work for me. The Vintage Findings design card can be attributed to the "postage stamps", "pennants", "numbers", and "graphic designs". I guess they can also be considered "hybrid" due to my font work in Word.

The "girliest" part of these designs is that plaid blue and green patterned paper but these cards needed a bit of pizzaz to liven them up. I think it's toned down enough with the brown, blue and green cardstock.

I'd love to see your take on a masculine approach to cardmaking. Please share if you have the chance!



  1. These are fabulous! I love the color choice and the masculinity.

  2. love the that a word? great colors too!