Ohio to Texas

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Story:
Ah, the infamous Road Trip of 2010 aka The Advent of Matt to Texas. 5 States, 24 hours and 1,483 miles of driving is what it took. We laughed as hard as we've ever laughed before and fought just as viciously too but managed to survive this road trip, relationship in tact. I knew it was going to be an important milestone for us and I'm thankful that I had the time to go. It was a definitive ending to our loooong distance relationship and a hopeful beginning to a new shorter distance one, a neat bookend.

The Page:
The page itself is fairly straight forward and also entirely scrap-lifted from the genius Vivian Masket. Funnily enough, her layout was about Texas too! I loved the simple design, the white space and the "off" photo placement. Used my Slice and Basics Design Card to cut out the stars and "2". And is that tiny license plate not the cutest? It's Karen Foster and I picked it up from Scrapbook Junkie this weekend.



  1. This is a wonderful layout! I love the pictures of the road signs!!!

  2. very cool! love the letters for the word texas