Walk to Regent's Park

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balance was the name of the game in this layout. It took me for-EV-er to get it to look how I wanted! Something very close to Wilna's layout, where I took my inspiration. I must have played with the photo placement and those butterflies for two straight hours! Sometimes it takes a little tenacity to make it just right. I play around until I'm forced to fall in love with it. Otherwise, it just isn't done.

Slowly but surely, I've been collecting all of the Winter CHA goodies, my inky little hands can get ahold of. This beautiful Jenni Bowlin green scalloped pink polka dotted paper is one such hoard. It's the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous (if I do say so myself) spring photos. In all honesty, I really didn't do much but push the button on my camera. This beyond beautiful London day did the rest.

Adding the blue made for an unusual color combo for me but I was really excited to play! The butterflies came next and I turned to my trusty Slice and Martha Stewart punches to create those. {Side bar: if you haven't purchased the Martha Stewart butterfly punch you cannot call yourself a scrapper! (Not really, just being dramatic) But if there's one punch I'd recommend for your collection, that one would be it!} Then the balancing of those suckers nearly did me in but once I figured out I needed to have all of the butterflies on one side of the photos in order to 1) make them more legible and 2) achieve that balance I was looking for, it was nearly complete! I channelled Wilna's handwriting for my journaling and went to town remembering this beautiful day. Oh to be back in London! (I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record!!)

But it's true, I left a big part of my heart in London. Maybe one day I'll move back. If nothing else, I can't wait to visit!



  1. words.. fail.. me.. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! holy cow jamie, the colors and butterflies are *gorgeous* great job lady! :)

  2. love this layout! all the butterflies...great! It's so fresh and springy and I just love it!