Lady Cards

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Since yesterday was spent creating man cards, I decided to spend today restoring the balance with a few lady cards. I went for a Spring theme and since there's no other line that evokes Spring more than American Crafts Dear Lizzy line, I had to indulge!

My grandma's going through a bit of hard time right now. My uncle, who passed away last September, would have been 50 tomorrow. I know she thinks about him so much everyday, and especially these last few. I just wanted to give her something sweet and Spring-ish, since it's reminiscent of new beginnings. I love her so much. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers if you get the chance.

I mimicked Dear Lizzy's line by hand-cutting a tree and this heart banner out of scraps for a card for Matt's Grandma Rose. She's been asking for his new address down here in Texas so I figured I'd make her something cute and Springy for him to send.

This last one is for my Aunt Lucy. I found a picture of her and my cousin Rudy from a few Christmas' ago and framed it for her just because. And since I'm a card maker, I couldn't not include a card with it! Love love love that adorable bicycle!


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  1. I love your heart banner on your second card. Soo sweet.