Shady Lady

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The above "Shady Lady" is my friend, the lovely Leigh. I met Ms Leigh on the Young Scrappers thread over at 2Ps. She's this awesome Colorado babe who's one of my biggest champions. She's totally encouraging and so supportive of this crazy lil habit of mine.

A few weeks ago, we found this too fun event over at Write.Click.Scrapbook called BiScrapathon. In honor of the Olympics, the ladies at WCS suggested we team up, trade photos and go to town. So Leigh and I exchanged photos and had some fun!

Pink was my inspiration and then Leigh's awesome shades were the jumping off point for the layout I did for her. "Shady lady" came next and then the umbrella idea. I was originally going to hand cut umbrellas out of patterned paper when inspiration suddenly hit. Cocktail umbrellas!! How had I not thought of these before? And knowing Leigh's obsession with Hello Kitty and Japanese Kitsch (help me out with the terminology Leigh dear) I knew she'd love 'em.

It was so fun to create a page for a fellow scrapbooker, someone who totally understands what went into it, you know? I was pumped to do it. So much so I forgot that on the other end, Leigh was making a too fantastic layout for me! This is what I got in the mail one happy day :) She oh-so-perfectly matched a floral paper with my favorite dress, added some amazing flower embellishments and left me with a so sweet message. It's truly a cherished layout!


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  1. these pages make me happy :) we are cute. i love my "shady lady" page and all the thought behind it so much!

    ps- not gonna lie, i LOVE having my own tag ;)