Sketchbook Day 3: Diaper/Hangin'

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Story:
These were photos of a lazy summer day last August. I guess we'd come to visit just after his bath because his mama rarely leaves him in only a diaper. I mean why would she considering he has tons of cute baby clothes for her dress him in! But I digress...He was so calm and relaxed. Just content to hang out in his bouncy chair aka the recliner for bebes!

And this was when his hair was so long and Urijah like! His trademark, back in the days before the dreaded haircut. It use to grow like weeds but not so much anymore.

It's crazy how time flies. He's not a baby anymore [insert sad face here] and with his first birthday just around the corner, its getting harder to remember his cute little chubby self. I'm so thankful that my hobby helps me to forever memorialize those fleeting days!

The Pages:
Who'd of thunk I'd get to incorporate the Fresh Prince of Bel Air into my scrapbooking!! But there it is, the theme song scrawled out in my kindergarten teacher handwriting. It was literally the first thing that came to mind when I was looking at this photos. It was what he was doing!

I used Day 3's prompt from my favorite (and only) Kelly Purkey class for the first page and tweaked Day 1's prompt for the second.

And c'mon, can we take a minute to ooh and ahh over that adorable little mousey diaper pin?! Is that not the cutest thing?! Fancy having just purchased these last week and then finding an older photo of Urijah in his diaper (like I said before, a rare occurrence).

The pin and the stars are all from Making Memories new Pitter Patter line. LOVE the colors in their boy line! I found them at Archivers and promptly marched to the cardstock aisle to match colors. It's really all there is to this layout, a few embellishments and a lot of different colored cardstock.

Oh, and the Slice elements, can't forget to talk about those. I cut the letters for "diaper" using the Just Chillin' Design Card and some orange cardstock. I was having trouble thinking of something to put at the top of the second page and by chance decided to look at the pre-designed words on the same design card. Just my luck that "hangin'" was an option (although oddly, "chillin" wasn't).

The smaller letters used for "kind of day" were punched using the mammoth Martha Stewart alpha set. I love them but those littler buggers are sooo small! And hard to glue I might add. Consider this before purchasing (small sacrifice really).

So there you have my latest and greatest for Urijah's 1st year album brought to you with the help of the Sketchbook class! Thanks for stopping by!


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