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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Story:
Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, I am addicted to purchasing new scrapbook supplies. It's a problem really and truly. I have enough stuff to scrap every picture I've ever taken and probably every one of yours as well. That being said, I'm so happy that Handmade Love has a Stash Challenge component. This week, the ladies prompted a good mix of materials and upped the ante by challenging us to create a layout along with a matching card. This is one of the greatest tips I can offer fellow scrappers, with your leftover scraps create a card! You'll have a ready stash of handmade cards for any occasion.

The Page:
I'm back to scrapping my favorite place in the world, London! This was a random grouping of photos that probably wouldn't have had a place in my scrapbook otherwise, so I'm happy I figured out a page for them. Want to know how this particular grouping came together? I promise it has to do with scrapping.

Here it is: I'm a stickler for matching the colors in my photos to the paper and embellishments I use. And I really wanted to use that gorgeous blue floral Sassafras paper! So I literally went trolling through my iPhoto to find pics that would work. I was wearing blue dresses (didn't realize how many of those I had until I did this page) in 2 of the photos so in my head, that made the blue floral workable for this page. I pared it with an equally lovely graphic pattern, also from Sassafras.

The circles were cut using my trusty lil Slice and the Vintage Findings design card. I choose a fancy circle outline and got 2 die cuts in one, handy little trick I figured out, and a fun way to utilize both sheets of patterned paper. And luckily for me, these were both double sided so when I made the matching card, I had 4 patterns to play with. The paper really did all of the work in this pair. Loving the new Sassafras!


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